May 142010

I have managed to get my blog working with the Android WordPress application, and want to try it out with some photos. These images are from the experiment that I was working on this afternoon. I can already see that I’m going to like this application.

For anyone interested in technical details (or having difficulty with their own blog) the fix simply involved recompiling PHP with the xmlrpc use flag.

Jun 222009

I’m on a wave-piercing catamaran, crossing the Coral Sea. We’re returning from the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef, where I went snorkeling amongst the aquatic wildlife. Its so beautiful! Hopefully some of my photos worked, and I’ll share the good ones here soon. The tide got so low today that the top of the reefs poked above water; apparently this only happens a few days a year.

Jun 212009

I am further north than I’ve ever been in Australia, by a factor of about 2. My previous record of the Sunshine Coast is not even halfway from Canberra to Cairns. The morning started nervously when we boarded our plane in Canberra only to be told that there was a slight delay: they had loaded our luggage on the adjacent plane to Melbourne, and our cargo hold was full of bags wanting to go south! At least that’s better than noticing at Brisbane.