Jul 062010

Its been the least pretty day so far, and also the longest by distance. A little over 60 km has tipped our trip total above 300.

Today was less pretty because a lot of the route was through industrial areas around Blyth and Lynemouth. We needed to cross the River Blyth and the River Wansbeck, so there wasn’t really any other way for the route to go.

Unpleasant surroundings do not require as many camera stops, and so we covered the distance in quite reasonable time.

We followed the edge of the coast as we left Tynemouth, and that first section was beautiful. It had the feel of an old seaside holiday destination, and we rode along a nice promenade on the clifftop. The view out to sea was wonderful, and it was clearly a popular place to walk the dog.

The ride today ended nicely too. After Lynemouth the route returned to the coastline and wound along rural backroads just behind the beach. A highlight was the icecream shop in Cresswell, which nearly cured us of the gloom that comes from riding through smelly industrial streets.

But then we got lost.

We missed a track that continued along the coast, and continued along a lane that made a turn inland. By the time we realised our mistake, we had climbed up a hill and encountered an A road. Rather than backtrack, I suggested we ride along the main road for a few hundred metres and go down the next lane back to the beach. This would have worked nicely, except the lane marked on the map didn’t eventuate in real life. We did find our way back, but only after some stressful A road riding.

Happily Amble is a delightful town. It is a quaint old harbour on a rivermouth, and has a relaxed feel. I am reminded a lot of Strahan on Tasmania’s west coast. It was worth the long ride to get up to Amble for the night.


This map is interactive:

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