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Our ride covered a total of 576.84 km in 11 days, and the adventure was wonderful.  The wet final day made us glad to reach Edinburgh, but it was almost a shame the next morning to leave our trikes chained up.

We have so many delightful memories from our cycle tour of Cumbria, Northumberland, and the Scottish Borders.  Some of them are a bit mixed up and blurred together, and we’ll need to organise photos and video to put them back in sequence in our minds.  Although muscles are sore and tired after all the pedalling, we are convinced that another cycle tour should happen.  

But not just yet. Instead of loading our panniers and riding on, we caught a bus into the city and visited Edinburgh Castle.  It is a great building on a perfect location and it has fascinating history, but we were overwhelmed by all the people.  A week and a half of riding through small villages and minor roads must have recalibrated our tolerance of tourist crowds.

It was nice to spend a second night in the same place after being constantly on the move.  Today we picked up a hire car and drove back to the Lake District in about 3 hours.  Covering the distance so quickly was actually a bit disorienting, but Lake Windermere is beautiful.  The foreshore at Bowness became peaceful after the tourists left in the evening, and was full of photo opportunities as the sun set.


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  1. Have caught up tonight on the past few posts, and it was good to hear that you mostly had good weather, and that you can still walk!! We are looking at a trip to Scotland next year with Paul and Sharon and may see some of Dughlas’s relatives on the Shetland Islands as we are looking a trip to the north.

  2. Hi Lach and Clansi!
    Wow all the pictures you have up are amazing – I can imagine getting in a car after all that certainly felt weird. The ruins and the countryside look so interesting and so different to what we run into here…and the set up with the bikes seemed pretty efficient to me, very impressive!
    I also hope you had a great birthday Lach – sorry for the belated wish but a big Happy Birthday for the 16th!! xo
    Missing you both and looking forward to hearing more stories about the ride and the conference when you get back!!
    Love Susie

  3. I’m having trike withdrawals….. need to plan another trip!

  4. Oh yes, definitely. I’m back on my 3 wheels for commuting, and it is a shame to have to stop riding just after getting started.

    We will have to start planning a spring trike adventure somewhere closer to home.

  5. Hi Lachlan,
    It looks as if you have been having a fantastic time since we chatted last! I have recently joined your interest in trikes, especially trikes with electric assist and perhaps even some aerodynamic fairings…
    Oh by the way, I now have a blog too! Interestingly enough, my categories are quite similar to yours: Sustainability, Politics, plus a few projects. Anyone would think we grew up together!

  6. Great to see you here, Adam. You have to be careful with trikes; they get rather addictive. You’d be interested in the trike my dad is currently buying, as he’s having it fitted with electric assist. As far as fairings are concerned, have you heard of the Greenspeed Glyde ( http://www.greenspeed.com.au/Glyde.htm )?

    I’ll be interested to keep an eye on your blog. It certianly looks like you’re up to some fun projects, which somehow doesn’t surprise me at all!

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