Jul 112010

We have arrived in Edinburgh, the furthest north that I’ve ever been. It is a great feeling to have broken that personal latitude record on pedal power!

It was raining lightly as we rode out this morning, but it lifted as we climbed out of the Tweed valley along the Leithen.  For an hour or two it looked as though we might complete our 11 day riding adventure without any serious rain.

But when we reached the northern edge of the Moorfoot Hills we were denied any view down into the Firth of Forth. In fact, the road ahead disappeared into cloud.  As we entered the cloud there was a sudden coldness in the air, and it has remained chilly for the rest of the day.

At first the cloud was just a misty fog, but as it soon turned into light rain.  The lower we got in altitude the heavier the rain became.  It rained pretty solidly on us all afternoon, and so we rose with few stops (and sadly no camera stops – it was wet and there were no views today anyway)

It was lovely to have a warm shower and get dry.  I suppose we have now experienced some authentic Scottish weather.

This map is interactive:

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