Jul 052010

We’re in a wonderful fourth floor room that looks out over the North Sea. The sun set inland tonight, reminding us that we have ridden across England since watching it set into the Irish Sea.

Our ride has covered 239 kilometres, and the C2C is complete. From here we follow the Coast & Castles to Edinburgh. It is nice to have finished the first stage of our trip, but exciting to only be half way through.

We rejoined the Waskerly Way this morning and rode on a gentle downhill most of the day. We had a bit of difficulty where the path forked to Newcastle, and found ourselves on the route to Sunderland. Luckily we realised this mistake early.

The Newcastle route followed another railway path most of the way to the River Tyne. This was on an elevated embankment, and we had nice views through trees into fields and forests. Once we met the Tyne, our surrounds became industrial and urban. It was a strong change from the last few days in the fells and moors and country towns.

Riding along foreshore paths, we passed under Newcastle’s Tyne Bridge. It is a lot like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but smaller. Heading out of Newcastle towards Tynemouth took us through some more fairly rough industrial areas.

The remains of Segedunum provided pleasant respite. This was a Roman fort at Wallsend that formed the eastern end of Hadrian’s Wall (hence the town’s name). We went into the little museum and had a look around the uncovered remains of the fort. They have a reconstructed bath house that we also looked through, and I was impressed with the painted decorations on the walls. I wonder how authentic they are?

Tynemouth is prettier and more inviting than the largely industrial picture we got of Newcastle. Having the North Sea visible out our window is a marvellous way to celebrate our pedal powered traverse of England.

Here on the north side of the river mouth there is a ruined castle and priory. They make a dramatic backdrop to the main street, and are helping us get in the mood for the next part of our riding adventure.


This map is interactive:

  3 Responses to “Castleside to Tynemouth”

  1. Very pleased to see more photos, looks like you are getting good weather. You will have good leg muscles by the time you reach your destination. Mum

  2. We are following your travels with great interest. It is making us restless to give our tandem a try in Europe.


  3. Full marks – no, 110% – for letting us all enjoy your holiday as/when you’re on it !!

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