Feb 022010

At ASA Convention, a number of us took many photographs.  Late on the last night, I helped compile the highlights into a souvenir data DVD.  Using the nifty little exiv2 utility, I was able to adjust the image timestamps and retrospectively synchronise the clocks in every camera.  This makes for very enjoyable photo browsing, as you can view chronologically regardless of which camera was used.

Unfortunately I was too rushed to place attribution in the filenames, and so it is not obvious who took each photo.  Luckily we all used different camera models, and that information is still present in the exif metadata.  I used this to split the photos into directories and embed the photographer in both metadata and filename.

I was shooting on my Nikon D200, and so was able to separate my photos by:

for ii in *.jpg; do if grep -q "NIKON D200" $ii ; then mv $ii lachlan/ ; fi ; done

This says: for each jpg file, check if it contains “NIKON D200” in the exif metadata and if it does then move it to the subdirectory lachlan/

All you need to do is find the camera model string to search for (my friends with Canons had things like “Canon EOS 30D”).  Now I’m going to append photographer names to the filenames, and then return them to their original chronological directories.

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