Nov 102009

I jotted this down a year ago when I needed to produce a set of handout notes for a 3rd year physics lecture I took. Just last week, after taking a similar set of lectures, I wanted to find it but couldn’t. Murphy’s Law has come into effect, and my jotted note has turned up now that my need for it has passed.

The Beamer class for LaTeX is a great way to produce very nice presentation slides with useful features such as automatic progress markers and internal hyperlinks. Being LaTeX, it is also possible to completely change the output formatting by simply altering certain document settings. This allows me to produce slides that have black backgrounds for better projection onto a screen, and then change a single line (specifying the colour theme) to get a white-background version optimised for printing on paper.

To make it even more efficient to print, I used the following command to fit 3 slides to an A4 page:

pdfnup --frame false --nup 1x3 --paper a4paper --orient auto --pages all --trim "0 0 0 0" --delta "1cm 1cm" --offset "0 0" --scale 0.91 --turn true --noautoscale false --openright false --column false --columnstrict false --tidy true --outfile main3up.pdf main.pdf

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