Feb 182009

The fonts that LaTeX uses by default (called “Computer Modern”) are very elegant, and are one of the great reasons to use LaTeX for typesetting documents. Frustratingly, I’ve been having difficulty lately with my pdfviewer (epdfview and sometimes xpdf) not displaying these fonts well in pdfs I’ve created using LaTeX.

Adobe acroread has been able to do a better job, but who wants to use such a slow and bloated piece of software just to quickly view a pdf? At least the pdfs have printed properly, so up till now I haven’t been too worried.

The solution, which I found at a page encouragingly called “High quality PDF output from LaTeX and TeX”, is profoundly simple. It simply involves telling LaTeX to use the scalable font rather than the older bitmap version. Add these two lines to the preamble:


and you’re done.

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  1. I really like the statement “profoundly simple”.


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