Mar 082008

I’m just enjoying a free internet terminal at the Sydney International Airport while I wait to board my plane to Frankfurt.  

My flight from Canberra was delightful, but uneventful.  We came in a Dash 8-300, and flew up over Goulburn till we were adjacent with Sydney but west of the Blue Mountains.  
We turned, and flew straight in to the airport landing from the west on the  east-west runway.

I watched the 747-400 that will fly us to Frankfurt land here, and taxi in to Gate 35.
Interestingly, it is called the “City of Canberra”, and so I won’t have fully left home until we
land in Germany.

  4 Responses to “At Sydney on the way to Germany”

  1. Safe Travels!

  2. I look forward to you next post, in 24 hours, telling us that you have arrived safely.

    Miss you!

  3. Actually, I’m online again here in Singapore. But I won’t write a new post until I can upload some photos.

    Needless to say, I’ve had safe travelling so far. Just one more flying leg left and then trains to Stuttgart University.

  4. […] checking my laptop and finding that the doubt was justified, I remembered with relief that before heading over to Europe I had copied all my photos onto DVDs and left them in my office at uni (just in case something our […]

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