Feb 172008

Garden Although having very limited space, Clansi and I have managed to develop quite a satisfying garden on our back verandah. Today we harvested our Kenebec potatoes, grown in a large pot from 2 left-over sprouting spuds. Our crop was just over 2.8 kg, and the largest potato was half a kilogram.

The fresh herbs and salad have turned out to be an extremely successful aspect of our pot-garden. The corn we planted has matured and is reasonably tasty, the plants are short and the ears are small. Our solitary “Patio Prize” tomato-in-a-pot has recovered spectacularly from an initial attack by small caterpillars. We’ve already eaten about half a dozen tomatoes (there are many more ripening on the vine as I write), and although they are compact in size the flavour is deliciously rich.

Our other raging garden success is a group of 4 zucchini plants. A striking lack of bees has forced us to assist by manually fertilizing the flowers, but we are reaping a steady crop of very nice vegetables.


  5 Responses to “Harvesting Spuds”

  1. Hippies! Hipppies!
    I’m actually rather impressed.

  2. they were delicious 🙂

  3. Not that we ate all 2.8 kilos in one day! But the ones we had this evening were all that a great Tasmanian Kenebec should be.

  4. except that these are Canberran kenebec’s !!

  5. […] have not written much here about food.  In fact, the only post that would come close was a report on the success of our verandah-garden some time ago.  Recently I’ve been doing a bit of thinking about food and what goes into it, […]

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