Sep 122007

A while ago I added Kevin Rudd and my own federal MP, Bob McMullan, as friends on my MySpace profile.  This morning I went to see what Bob McMullan was up to, and was quite interested to discover that he is quite actively blogging.  I read through a fair bit of his latest post, which is a transcript of his recent speech about the war between federal and state politics.

I was genuinely impressed to see a politician so keenly using a medium which is rarely natural or intuitive for his generation.  Bob McMullan seems honestly trying to harness Web 2.0 technology to improve the process of democracy, and I left a comment of congratulations and encouragement on his space.

Within a few hours I had a new message on my own MySpace:

  Thanks, Lachlan.

I find that blogging is a great way to communicate about political issues to complex for a soundbite, and it’s great that it’s more than a one-way conversation, too.


The two-way (or read-write, or participatory) nature of Web 2.0 is something that I have explored at length while following the masterful thoughts of Lawrence Lessig.  Well done, Bob, for stepping beyond the comfortable and facilitating informed and intelligent discussion of issues that are, admittedly, complex.  This attitude, far more even than policy, makes me proud to be represented by the Member for Fraser.

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