Nov 292008

Its been a week now since Corbett underwent surgery on his knees. He went into the vet on a Wednesday morning with a planned pick up of Thursday evening or Friday morning.

According to the vet, Corbett had shown model behaviour after his admission, happily letting the vet nurses clip his pelt and administer anesthetic. While he was unconscious the vet was able to deepen his knee groove and tighten his cruciate ligaments making sure that his patellae (knee-caps) would stay in the proper place.

Then he woke up from anaesthetic. Continue reading »

Nov 192008

Its been quite a while since I shared any updates about Corbett, our Bengal kitten. Today seems a particularly appropriate time to do so, however, as he is at the vet having surgery. Over the last few weeks he has displayed quite a serious onset of “luxating patella“, which means that his kneecap dislocates and makes it difficult for him to walk.

It is a common malady in small dog breeds and some cats, and I remember hearing somewhere that Bengals have a higher propensity to develop it. The vet informed us that it was probably not painful for Corbett, but it was obviously very frustrating. He is an extremely alert little cat, and very much likes to be able to bound around. Continue reading »

Aug 232008

Corbett (our Bengal Cat) is four and a half months old, and has recently been refining his version of what Bengal owners call “The Zooms”. The name is extremely appropriate, as the activity involves copious amounts of speed. Corbett prefers to cover not only as much distance, but also as much vertical height range as he can in the shortest time possible. This makes our lounge room, where there are couch backrests and windowsills to bounce off, his favourite Zooming environment.

A good Zoom gets Corbett in just the right mood for some impressive antics. He can do a standing jump up to waist height, which is more than double his body length above the ground. He loves the opportunity to rampage in confined spaces, such as underneath our coffee table and inside my uni backpack.

His universally favourite toy is anything made of rustling paper, whether its a snake-like strip or a scrunched up ball. He enjoys all the toys we’ve given him (and quite a few that he’s claimed for himself without our consent); but paper has just the right blend of noisiness, irregular movement, and non-toxicity. An added bonus with paper is that it is just so much fun to tear apart and destroy!

Here are a few photos of Corbett that manage to capture some of the antics that he has been up to lately. A few of them also show off his increasingly spectacularly marked coat. Continue reading »

Jul 222008

Corbett is now 1.3 kg, which is more than double what he weighed when we brought him to Canberra. Although he is still very small, his growth over the last 2 months has been noticable. He can no longer sit on a lap under the office desk while we work, unless we let our chairs down a bit. He hasn’t quite worked this out for himself, though, and still trys to climb up our shins.

Another indication that he is growing quickly is the confidence that he has gained about his favourite perch – the human shoulder. He is also a lot more confident about nooks and crannies around the house, and loves ferreting in the scrap paper bin. Pleasantly, he is becomming more and more content to sit on the backrest of the couch and absorb sunlight streaming in the window.

There is no chance, however, of Corbett growing out of his cuteness anytime soon.  Enjoy these photos. Continue reading »