Mar 312009

On the weekend, Pathfinders from across SNSW met at 3 Mile Dam for their annual “Expedition”. The Expedition is a hiking event, and there are 3 grades. Clansi and I were leaders for a group of girls doing A-grade, the hardest level. I carried my camera and gps receiver, and so you can experience the hike through an interactive map of our journey below.

After leaving Canberra in the late afternoon, we arrived at Registration after dark on Friday night. We quickly donned our packs, received our instructions and started hiking in to 4 Mile Hut. Being dark meant that we missed out on the views, but it did help avoid sunburn. After a few hours hiking we found the campsite and went straight to bed.

Saturday morning was crisp and clear, and we had a fairly relaxed start. After eating exotic breakfasts and packing up our gear, we walked down to a small waterfall north of the hut. Our primary destination for the day was Tabletop Mountain, which we summitted mid-afternoon. After enjoying the views, we continued on to set up camp near Broken Dam Hut. Finding water was a bit of a challenge, but after a short walk we got to a nice little waterfall.

On Sunday we set off on a cross-country short-cut back to the track. The girls navigated very well, and we found the track easily. After retracing our path to Mount Selwyn skifields, we took a slightly different route back to registration. It was not a particularly strenuous weekend, but it was heaps of fun.
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