Jun 172009

Web on mobile phones is becoming quite normal there days, but by these standards my phone is antique. I have been able to install the Opera Mini browser, which gives me a level of web access that is useful but not exciting.

If this works, however, then it proves I can post here from my phone.

Feb 262008

This morning I migrated this site to a new server, and it seems to have been a smooth and successful transition.  As far as I can tell the only difference is that some of the post, page and category IDs have changed – which will probably stuff up any remote links to particular pages. Continue reading »

Dec 072007

I regularly check the local weather online at Weatherzone, and discovered recently that they offer a range of free weather feeds that can be incorporated into websites.  I’ve added the current weather button to this site.  Its interesting, but I wish that it was customisable; for instance, it would be great if it displayed rainfall information.

I’m still not sure of a few things.  In its current location, does it clutter the page too much?  Also, would a forecast button be more useful or interesting?

Oct 102007

Floriade I wanted to catch Floriade in early morning light, but its opening hours definitely exclude the crack of dawn. It does open an hour earlier on weekends (8 instead of 9 am), and so a few weeks ago I rode down to make the most of this opportunity.

On the way I passed a pair of black swans with their bank of cygnets, one of which seemed happy enough to pose for a photo. By the time Floriade openend there was not longer any hint of soft dawn lighting, but the flowers were still wet with dew and delightfully photogenic. Continue reading »

Sep 252007

Yesterday I succumbed to the special that Ted’s had on the cheap Nikon 70-300 long zoom. Normally $300, this is not at all a professional lens. However, it does have quite respectable Nikon optics and for the reduced price of $200 it was just too tempting.

I’ve already pointed it at the moon, and here is an un-cropped frame. It certainly brings things close, and would have been very useful during the recent lunar eclipse.

I’ll be back here to add more about this lens when I’ve had a bit of a play with it.

Jun 052007

So my new site works. I think that, when I get the hang of it, this wordpress thing will be a massive boost to the operation of this site. Now lets see if I can customise things a little to make it feel more like home.

Although this is really the first post here, I have back-dated some previous content which thus appears older.