Sep 102007

A recent post on the OpenStreetMap Talk mailing list pointed to an article in MIT news about an interesting experiment called “Wiki City Rome“. The project, developed at MIT, started two days ago and uses anonymous data from mobile phones and other wireless devices to “illustrate the city’s pulse in real time”. The MIT news article explains:

By looking at a city using a “real-time control system” as a working analogy, the Wiki City project studies tools that enable people to become prime actors themselves in improving the efficiency of urban systems. In coming years, the Wiki City project will develop as an open platform where anybody can download and upload data that are location and time sensitive.

This is a superbly exciting experiment, and it echoes a dream that I have had ever since I began contributing to the OpenStreetMap (OSM). Continue reading »

Jul 032007

Less than a week after the release of Apple’s iphone in the US, an off-hand comment has finally made me excited about the future of mobile communication technology. OpenMoko is a Linux-based platform that is designed to enable you to “Free Your Phone”. In only a few months time, the first smartphone built for the OpenMoko software platform will be publicly available. Continue reading »