Apr 282011

Quite a bit has happened since I wrote my last post here.  I’ve moved from Canberra up to Cooranbong, and am still trying to unpack the last of the boxes.  This move was the cause for quite a serious outage of this website, as my webserver needed to be packed and transported and unpacked.  Oh, and having the internet connected to our new home took far longer than anyone expected.

Another new thing is my current position as a full-time lecturer in physics.  I have returned to Avondale College of Higher Education where I did my undergraduate degree, this time to teach for a year.  I’m enjoying lecturing, and it is excellent professional experience to have.

Finally, and most dramatically, we have a new member in our family.  Two weeks ago Leighton Jeffrey Rogers was born, and he is currently managing to keep his parents thoroughly occupied.

Me holding baby Leighton

New baby Leighton

  3 Responses to “New”

  1. Congratulations Lachlan on becoming a Dad. I trust Leighton is already being groomed as a future Australian Nobel Prize Laureate.

  2. Hi Lach – it is good to see your website is up and running again. It is a relief to know that you aren’t sitting around getting bored. You are now in a position to fully appreciate a quote I came over the other day:
    “Politicians are like nappies; they need to be changed frequently, and for similar reasons.” — Robin Williams

  3. Great photo!

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