Jul 012010

We did safely arrive in England, although we have been literally too busy to post an update. It was even easier to fit the trikes into the hire car than it had been with our car, and we had a very pleasant drive up through The Midlands and The Lakes to Whitehaven.

Our first day of riding was from the Irish Sea at Whitehaven up into the Lake District and Keswick. The route passed through lots of small farming hamlets and fields with sheep. There was even a runaway chicken that had escaped onto our path.

The weather was very warm, even by our Australian standards. That could have been emphasised by the two stiff climbs that dominated the day. In particular, the ascent up to Whinlatter Pass was a “long pull” (in the words of a friendly local).

We didn’t even get to feel the wind in our faces on the descent, as it was down a steep and rough gravel forrestry trail. We took it steadily and the trikes managed fine.

We arrived a little late at our accommodation, and took advantage of the long evening light to walk down and see Derwent Water. It was beautiful in the soft evening light, and the sheep frolicking on the shore surprised us.

It really is pretty here.

image image image

This map is interactive:

  2 Responses to “Whitehaven to Keswick”

  1. hi Lach – I like the interactive maps. Have you been able to geotag your photos as well?

  2. I haven’t geotagged my photos yet, but I should be able to quite reasonably with these good GPS traces. I’m not quite sure of the time offset with my camera clocks, but I should be able to work that out.

    With accurate exif timestamps and a GPS trace I can geotag images easily.

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