Jul 022010

Today has been entirely within the Lake District, and we’ve gone through some of the prettiest countryside we will get to see on this whole adventure. The low cloud that gave us occasional light rain added a lot to the mood of these landscape views.

As one of the most beautiful and heritage places along our route, Keswick was worth lingering in this morning. We went to the Pencil Museum and learned some fascinating things about their history. Pencils are so common these days that it was strange to be on the place where they were invented.

The ride out of Keswick was on an old railway path. It crossed the river repeatedly, sometimes on the old rail bridges. Railways make excellent cycle paths, as they never climb steeply.

It was so beautiful that we kept stopping to take photos and video and just to soak in the scenery. We had only reached Threlkeld by the time we were hungry, and so we got a great meal at the Horse and Farrier Inn. We could eat at one of the outside tables to keep an eye on our trikes.

The route then followed country lanes with great views down into the fields of the valley. We wound along the side of the hills to Mungrisdale, which was my favourite bit of the ride so far. It was peaceful and exquisitely beautiful.

The last pat of the day was mostly downhill through pretty little villages into Penrith. The weather had lifted, and sun lit up the fields as we passed old farmhouses.

image image image image image

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  1. Great photos, we also went to the pencil factory. Lovely country, and trikes would be the best way to take in the views. We spent today in Daintree Rainforest and went back to the markets for a last few pineapples and bananas before heading south on Sunday. Mum

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