Mar 252009

On Saturday night Canberra enjoyed the 21st annual Skyfire fireworks show. This event is sponsored by Canberra’s 104.7 FM radio station, and is held on Lake Burley Griffin in the middle of Canbera. The fireworks show lasted for 21 minutes, and it was a great opportunity to take some photos.

We headed down to the Rond Terraces (the grass at the bottom of Anzac Parade) with heaps of friends, and enjoyed a picnic while some Navy guys showed off in a helicopter. Just like while waiting for the Australia Day fireworks, the Army’s Red Berret precision skydivers did a jump. Instead of landing in the lake, this time they touched down right on the shore in front of the crowd.

The fireworks were more of an artistic display than I have seen before. They had carefully synchronised high ones and low ones to create patterns in the sky. I thought it was a bit analogous to Floriade, where pictures are created with flowers.

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