Mar 092009

This morning Clansi and I joined hundreds of other cyclists on the 25 km Big Canberra Bike Ride. The weather was overcast but clear and dry, and the temperature was typical Canberra autumn: perfect for cycling!

We rode down to the “Rond Terraces” on the north shore of Lake Burley Griffin, where the ride started. It headed north up through the central eastern suburbs of Canberra, and turned around at Dickson. We made good speed down Northbourne avenue and over to the south side of the Lake. After circling around and climbing part way up Red Hill behind Parliament House, we crossed back over the lake on Kings Bridge and finished at the start point. By the time Clansi and I had ridden home, we had done just a bit more than 30 km.

It was a fun event, and a bit of good exercise. Additionally, it was a fantastic occasion for me to try out my new geotagging tricks.

I tied my gps receiver to the handlebars of my bike, and took a few photos with our little compact camera. Here are the photos on a map showing our route (click the little icons).

View Larger Map

This is nice in that I can embed it here and show the gps tracklog as well as the images, but I think there are better tools for geo-browsing the photos. You can browse them on the Flickr map, or explore the same images on I’m interested in knowing which of these options you prefer.

Also, if you know of an even better way to share and explore geotagged images then let me know.

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