Nov 192008

Its been quite a while since I shared any updates about Corbett, our Bengal kitten. Today seems a particularly appropriate time to do so, however, as he is at the vet having surgery. Over the last few weeks he has displayed quite a serious onset of “luxating patella“, which means that his kneecap dislocates and makes it difficult for him to walk.

It is a common malady in small dog breeds and some cats, and I remember hearing somewhere that Bengals have a higher propensity to develop it. The vet informed us that it was probably not painful for Corbett, but it was obviously very frustrating. He is an extremely alert little cat, and very much likes to be able to bound around.

So today they are opening his knees to tighten ligaments and do whatever else they do to prevent his patella from luxating (yes, that is a fun word to use). It will be interesting to see how quickly he recovers, and I’ll keep you informed about that process.

For now, though, here are a selection of the best photos we’ve taken of Corbett lately. I really love the way that they portray his alert, intelligent and inquisitive personality.

Not always tame Relaxed but alert A favourite kill Frozen in flight Protective insticts Momentary distraction Alert Aware

  2 Responses to “The alert faces of Corbett”

  1. Photos 7 and 8 are certainly studio quality portraits but I like photo 2 which seems to be an arrested action shot. Was it severe luxation of the patellae?. I call it subluxation in humans and this is what Teech had. Humans can do exercises to correct muscle imbalance which often helps but I dont fancy trying to teach a cat medial quads exercises!

  2. Wow I am very impressed with his markings. Much nicer than either of his parents. I hope his recovery is uncomplicated and complete

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