Oct 142008

Yesterday evening we discovered that a noise we assumed was a baby possum in our roof was in fact a tiny kitten under our floor – and I went “caving” and rescued her. Its quite a mystery, as the noise started last thursday (5 days ago) and I doubt that a 4 week old kitten would last that long without food. In fact, “Basement Kitten” is in such good condition that she can’t have been much more than a day without food.

The noise had seemed to be in the ceiling above our study, but on Sunday night it almost sounded as though the baby animal had fallen down into the wall cavity; although this seems unlikely given my understanding of house frames. Yesterday afternoon the noise moved across the house to the kitchen, and as I was trying to work out where it was coming from I saw a tiny kitten through the air vent in the wall.

She was not even a little bit scared of me, and responded very positively to warm cuddles and some kitten milk we had in the pantry from when Corbett was young. She seems very happy to have us look after her, but the details of how she came to be under our kitchen remain a complete mystery.

Basement kitten on bench Weighing basement kitten Basement kitten in hand Bathing basement kitten

  8 Responses to “Rescuing basement kitten”

  1. Surely there’s a metaphor in there somewhere – ceiling cat to basement kitty overnight.

  2. very cute, cant believe something so small could make such a loud sound through the walls.

  3. Nothing cuter than a kitten! I think Bazki is the obvious name!

  4. we are just about to take the kitten to the RSPCA where it can be properly looked after.

    We will tell them that her name is “Bashki”

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  6. It is indeed an astonishing experience. Have you heard of her wellfare since you took her to the rspca?

  7. No, we haven’t heard anything…. I would love to know how she is going, but don’t think we’ll find out until she’s about 6 weeks old – so about another 3 weeks.

  8. […] light of some comments on my previous post about the tiny kitten we found under our house on Monday, we decided to give her the name “Bashki”. This slight softening of “Bazki” […]

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