Aug 232008

Corbett (our Bengal Cat) is four and a half months old, and has recently been refining his version of what Bengal owners call “The Zooms”. The name is extremely appropriate, as the activity involves copious amounts of speed. Corbett prefers to cover not only as much distance, but also as much vertical height range as he can in the shortest time possible. This makes our lounge room, where there are couch backrests and windowsills to bounce off, his favourite Zooming environment.

A good Zoom gets Corbett in just the right mood for some impressive antics. He can do a standing jump up to waist height, which is more than double his body length above the ground. He loves the opportunity to rampage in confined spaces, such as underneath our coffee table and inside my uni backpack.

His universally favourite toy is anything made of rustling paper, whether its a snake-like strip or a scrunched up ball. He enjoys all the toys we’ve given him (and quite a few that he’s claimed for himself without our consent); but paper has just the right blend of noisiness, irregular movement, and non-toxicity. An added bonus with paper is that it is just so much fun to tear apart and destroy!

Here are a few photos of Corbett that manage to capture some of the antics that he has been up to lately. A few of them also show off his increasingly spectacularly marked coat.

Corbett inside jacketCorbett reaching for glassesCorbett climbing bookshelfCorbett licking lipsCorbett jumping for paperCorbett jumping for paperCorbett swiping at dangling paperCorbett climbing green bag

  2 Responses to “Reckless antics of a playful kitten”

  1. Nice photo climbing the bookcase. Hope he has recovered from meeting a savage dog last weekend

  2. he’s doing fine! He’s snugglier than ever, and just a little bit more civilised. Maybe being barked at has improved his manners!

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