Aug 152008

Last night I participated in Physics Students Uncovered, a science communication challenge that kicked off National Science Week in Canberra. The goal was for five selected PhD students to present their physics research in 10 minutes, and keep it accessible and interesting for an “intelligent, but non-technical” audience.

It was exciting to present in the Shine Dome, home of the Australian Academy of Science, and I was very pleased with how my talk went. Under the pressure, I got a bit too excited with the introductory conceptual elements of my presentation and had to rush the second half more than I would have liked. However, I managed to get a special commendation as second-place. A fellow student from the Laser Physics Centre of our Research School, Amrita Prasad, gave a spectacular presentation on all-optical signal processing and won the $2000 prize.

As a publicity-oriented event, Physics Students Uncovered made the second page of the Canberra Times. I was particularly excited to have an image of me holding a very large diamond (fake) just over the page from the highlights of our Australian Olympic swimmers! Here are photos of the front page and the second page so you can see what the article looked like on paper.

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  1. I believe congratulations are in order! That’s quite a cool photo too.

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