Jul 222008

Corbett is now 1.3 kg, which is more than double what he weighed when we brought him to Canberra. Although he is still very small, his growth over the last 2 months has been noticable. He can no longer sit on a lap under the office desk while we work, unless we let our chairs down a bit. He hasn’t quite worked this out for himself, though, and still trys to climb up our shins.

Another indication that he is growing quickly is the confidence that he has gained about his favourite perch – the human shoulder. He is also a lot more confident about nooks and crannies around the house, and loves ferreting in the scrap paper bin. Pleasantly, he is becomming more and more content to sit on the backrest of the couch and absorb sunlight streaming in the window.

There is no chance, however, of Corbett growing out of his cuteness anytime soon.  Enjoy these photos.

Corbett on June 10June 12June 13.June 15.June 15.June 15.June 15.June 22.June 22.July 14.July 20.July 20.

  5 Responses to “Corbett is a growing cat”

  1. He is indeed a growing cat.

    Growing in cuteness and heaviness and mischief!

  2. Great he is really showing lots of personality in these shots. Thanks for sharing

  3. I’d like to draw to your attention that the red, yellow and blue ball he is playing with in photo 7 lasted about 10 days…

    It is dead now.

  4. Hi Guys. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing them with us. The 12th image is hilarious! Thanks again, Kamil and Dee

  5. Too bad about that red blue and yellow ball. You have a great action shot in photo 10, and I like the box shot – number 8.

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