Jun 102008

The first Monday in June is not, of course, the actual birthday of our monarch Queen Elizabeth II. Nevertheless, the royal birthday is a great excuse for a long weekend – and in Canberra it is also an excuse for pyrotechnics. Iteratively tighter regulations have made the Queen’s Birthday long weekend the only time of the year when it is legal to purchase and ignite fireworks in the ACT.

Having recently shifted from the surrounding state of NSW (where fireworks are thoroughly illegal at all times of the year), Clansi and I were unprepared for last year’s fireworks weekend. So this year we consoled ourselves by setting off $100 worth of fireworks in our front yard.

My parents came down from Mandalong, and they enjoyed re-living memories from the more pyro-friendly days of their childhood (fireworks were not always illegal in NSW). Clansi had once enjoyed setting fireworks off on a beach in Fiji, but it was the first time I had personally lit the fuse for loud and colourful flowers of fire. It was tremendous fun, and definitely a highlight of living in our National Capital.

The challenge of recording photos was almost as much fun as launching the fireworks. Interestingly, I found that the small scale of these fireworks (relative to the new year’s eve displays in Sydney, for instance) actually made for more interesting images.


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  1. I like number 5.

    It was indeed a fun night

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