Jun 102008

On Sunday Clansi and I had the privilege of attending Ben and Rebecca’s wedding. We met Ben Gibbs at Avondale College, and he played with us in the Avondale Brass Band. We’ve known Rebecca (nee Rigby) even longer; she attended Clansi’s primary school and my high school. Their wedding was delightful, fun, touching and thoroughly enjoyable.

The ceremony was held in Avondale College Church, the same place that Clansi and I got married 13 months ago. Although the venue brought back plenty of delightful memories for us, the day obviously belonged to Ben and Becky. All through the service there were elements that reflected who they are and what they value. I particularly liked their idea to have blessings prayed over them by a few key special people, and I’m sure that many more among the guests silently added blessings of their own.

Their well-balanced reception was nicely structured and comfortably relaxed. Good food, soft keyboard jazz, entertaining speeches and plenty of time to chat with other guests all left people feeling happy and satisfied. Clansi and I drove all the way back and got home just after 1:00 am – by which time we were reasonably exhausted!

One other nice aspect about the wedding was catching up with friends that now live all over the country. Some of them I have not seen for quite a while (since my wedding, for instance), but when we got chatting it seemed as if all that intervening time just disappeared.


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  1. what a wonderful wedding – with a radiant bride!

    I agree with your comment on the day that Taylor and Casey’s rather….hairy appearance made Ben look rather scrubbed up for the occasion! And who wouldn’t be, with such a wonderful bride walking towards him!

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