Jun 102008

As if the fireworks and a daytrip to Cooranbong for Ben and Becky’s wedding were not enough to fill the long weekend, Clansi and I went abseiling with some fellow Pathfinder staff yesterday afternoon. We went to Kambah Rocks, just to the west of Canberra on the Murrumbidgee River, and the location was beautiful and peaceful.

The cliff was about 15 m high and we set up two ropes, one of which went down an overhang. We all had fun descending, and a few people practiced climbing back up with prusik loops. Although not everyone had a trouble-free descent, we managed to avoid any injuries and the day was a great way for us to notch up more experience.


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  1. I think some new pictures are due. Perhaps some progress pictures of Corbett would be nice. All your pictures are great so surprise me!

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