May 122008

For the recent Disney Progressive Tea organised by our pathfinder club, I went dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow from the film Pirates of the Caribbean. My costume was heaps of fun, but quite simple.

As a design basis I referred to the Jack Sparrow photograph in Wikipedia and the pictures on this pattern. For ideas and comments about some of the finer details I found this Jack Sparrow costume article very insightful.

As the base I used a pair of my trousers made from organic hemp and silk which have a rough texture, and a frill-collared shirt that Clansi purchased for a stage costume years ago. For the long waistcoat, a quite essential item, I found a $3 blue striped cotton dressing gown at our ADRA op-shop and dyed it brown. It needed the sleeves tearing off, as well as a bit off the bottom to get the right length.

I borrowed some tall boots from Clansi (luckily we have almost the same size feet) which worked fairly well even though they didn’t have the authentic folded down tops. I used a scrap of curtain fabric to tie around my waist as a sash, and the scabbard of my cheap plastic sword was held in the knot. One belt above the sash and another belt over one shoulder really added life to the costume.

The obligatory bandanna was easy once I found an appropriate muted pink scrap of fabric, but the hat took a bit of work. I had my heart set on the tricorne that forms such a memorable part of Sparrow’s “effects”, and used an on-sale $10 hat as a base. After broadening the brim with some vinyl, I folded up the sides and sewed them to the crown with large crossed stiches. I rolled the back and held it in place with a single stitch.

A few beads on embroidery thread formed an ornament hanging from my bandanna. A bit more time and expense could have allowed me to do more exotic beads and perhaps some hair wraps, but these remained undone.


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  1. For future costume requirments you could use my wardrobe resources. I would be happy to get rid of quite a bit that is there

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