May 122008

On Saturday night we had a progressive tea organised by the pathfinder club. Almost 100 people came along, and many dressed to match the Disney theme. Clansi made a stunning Jasmine costume from scratch, although a significant ignorance of the Aladdin film was revealed by the majority of participants; people kept asking if she was the genie. I plundered a piratical costume from our wardrobe and the local ADRA op-shop, and went dressed as Jack Sparrow (yes, Pirates of the Caribbean is a Disney movie – its based on a ride at Disneyland).

There were princesses, fairies, mickey mouse and minnie mouse, cross-dressing Robin Hood and Maid Marian, Cruella DeVil with henchmen, a dalmation, a lion, and many more favourite Disney characters. It was a surprisingly fun dress-up theme.


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  1. you look great clank.. I would have guessed jasmine!! I love disney!! Did i tell you that I got this amazing boxed set off ebay with 110 disney movies.. EVERY cartoon you can think of.. They have so many out! Crazy.

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