Mar 202008

I was about to head over to the Physics building this morning when I noticed snow flakes billowing outside my window. It didn’t last long, but the flakes were huge and swirled beautifully. There was just enough to dust everything gently, but it melted away fairly quickly after it stopped falling.

After starting so closed in, the weather cleared up dramatically by the middle of the day (although it remained very cold). This afternoon I caught the S-Bahn into the city to sort out some train tickets and have a quick look around; I wanted to see what the city of Stuttgart actually looked like after being here for a week and a half.

I climbed the tower of the Hauptbahnhof (main train station), which has a revolving Mercedes Benz emblem at the top of it which is lit up at night. From the open observation platform most of the centre of the city can be conveniently viewed. The most significant landmark on the horizon is the Fernsehturm Stuttgart (TV Tower Stuttgart), quite an analogous structure to Canberra’s Telstra Tower on Black Mountain.

I had a quick wander through the Schlossplatz, a large and fairly formal square in the centre of Stuttgart. The day was so clear that very nice afternoon sunlight lit up some great photos. Although much of the city is new, there are a few beautiful old buildings among the streets, lawns and gardens of the city centre. I had to get back to the physics, but at least I can now say I’ve seen more of Stuttgart than simply the inside of the Hauptbahnhof!

It snowed again this afternoon before sunset, leaving me feeling that the S-Bahn to the city might have been a magic journey to another realm.


  4 Responses to “Snow at uni, sun in the city”

  1. It looks like a beautiful city. It gave me a bit of a giggle to see photos of snow and tulips & ranuculas that were taken on the same day!

    I love the fountain too – you will have to take me there

  2. Think of us today in the sweltering heat shovelling bitumen onto the road – some of your snow would have been very welcome.

  3. Hi Lachlan,

    Sounds like so much fun. The trains are great aren’t they? Just wondering whether Schlossplatz is literally “Castle Place”?

  4. Clinton:
    I think you’re right, it means “Castle Place” or “Castle Square” or something along those lines.

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