Oct 262007

My brother was down here in Canberra last weekend and showed me a very fun photography tool: hugin. It makes it relatively easy to stitch a series of photographs together into a panorama.

To test it out and play with some of its features, I took a series of photos around our living room. Here you can see the 8 photos from my camera, and the resulting panorama that hugin produced. Hugin not only moves the images around, but adjusts their rotation and barrel distortion to best line up control points that you identify on adjacent images. It uses enblend to give almost seamless stitching.

Taking the photos in portrait orientation was a trick that I wouldn’t have thought of, but after reading about it in a tutorial it seems so blisteringly obvious (It gives you extra height and more pixels in the resulting image). Although our living room was hardly a stunning subject, a photo like this will be useful to keep in case we ever need to make an insurance claim.

Individual photosIndividual photos

  4 Responses to “Stitching panoramas with hugin”

  1. You could make a business out of doing photos like that!

    You’re right, too. Once the “portrait” thing is pointed out one feels a little bit stupid for not figuring it out…

  2. It looks great. You will have to try a full 360 degree rotation some time.

  3. seamless.. And I get to see your house!! FUN FUN!! I want to visit!

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