Oct 162007

Cake day Today is Cake Day, and for the first time ever this auspicious event was celebrated in Canberra. Clansi and I had our official shirts arrive in the morning via express post, and wore them all day. Late in the afternoon we took our shirts along to Parliament House for some photos. Even the main course of our evening meal (an asparagus flan) was as close to a cake as possible! Needless to say, dessert was exotic.

Cake Day coincides with World Food Day, and remembers the day on which Marie Antoinette was beheaded. Although the well known quote “Let them eat cake” was most likely not uttered by Antoinette, the story of her saying it in response to starving peasants has become the epitome of out-of-touch aristocracy in the face of suffering masses.

Cake Day derives its name and theme from the famous quote, but is celebrated as a reminder that we who live in the affluent west cannot ignore the pleas of global starvation and suffering. It was started by a few friends and myself at Avondale College, and October 16 this year was the 4th consecutive Cake Day.

Cake dayCake dayCake dayCake dayCake day

  3 Responses to “Cake Day for Canberra”

  1. yum, the pie was gooood

  2. love the cake day celebrations! beautiful pics, lachlan. 🙂

  3. Kristin has written a nice piece about Cake Day for an Avondale College news publication, and one of my photos is featured. Take a look at the Avondale NetAdventist article.

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