Aug 072007

Yesterday Clansi’s bicycle was stolen. Although the thief must have cut through her security chain, they didn’t even leave its remnants on the ground.  It pretty much ruined her day, and left me feeling quite flat too.

Frustratingly, it was basically a brand-new bike.  Even more frustrating is the feeling of futility – there is no way to undo this loss.  Yes, the police know, but what can they really do?

Its true that it was only a bike, and it certainly could have been worse.  Even sadder than the loss of a bicycle, however, is the thought that there are people who would do this sort of thing.  It is not a nice thing to be confronted by the human-ness of humanity.

  3 Responses to “Bicycle theft”

  1. I would be less upset if this was something I had bought for myself. But the fact that it was YOUR gift to me makes it so much worse.

  2. Sorry to hear about your bike, Clansi. I wonder if any philosophers have come up with a plausible morality system that doesn’t rely on the concept of a greater good yet.

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