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Less than a week after the release of Apple’s iphone in the US, an off-hand comment has finally made me excited about the future of mobile communication technology. OpenMoko is a Linux-based platform that is designed to enable you to “Free Your Phone”. In only a few months time, the first smartphone built for the OpenMoko software platform will be publicly available.

Apparently, the Neo1973 phone was meant to ship a few months before the release of the iphone, but hardware delays have pushed the release date back to about October this year. Developers already have some of these phones, however, and it is also possible to get OpenMoko running on other phones.

I doubt I’ll be able to afford one in October, but the OpenMoko project and the Neo1973 phone are hopefully heralding in a new age of mobile software and devices.

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  3. aaaand the url doesn’t work. Here’s the relevant stuff, “Scores of hackers and gadget enthusiasts have literally taken the iPhone apart in an attempt to discover how it works and – importantly – how the phone can be “unlocked” and used on other networks in the US and in places where it has not yet been released.

    Some have pooled the results of their efforts into a collaborative wiki called the iPhone Dev Wiki, where each new discovery is shared and dissected.

    Prominent hacker Jon Lech Johansen claims to have perfected a way of activating the iPhone without having to register it with AT&T. This allows the user to use most of the iPhone’s functions, except the phone.

    Johansen, who is better known by his working nickname – DVD Jon – publishing the findings on his blog, but his solution appears to require some degree of technical skill.

    Mr Brown believes that it will only be a matter of time before someone cracks the code that will allow him to use his iPhone in Australia to make and take calls – a breakthrough that could lead to a flood of iPhones being imported into country ahead of the official local launch.

    “I think it’ll be unlocked in one to two weeks,” he predicts. “Even if it’s not, it’s still fun as an iPod and wireless internet device. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can get it working properly.””

  4. HTML markup to the rescue – I’ve edited your first post. There’s no need to tweak my website presentation code when things are done properly.

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